About Us

Automotive Strategies

We’re closers, pure and simple.

With over 20 years experience in the business and a solid network of motivated buyers and sellers, the Automotive Strategies team gets the deal done. When you are looking to buy or sell a dealership, count on us to broker a successful sale that nets you the return you’re looking for.

Expertise that’s second to none.

We start off with a detailed evaluation of your needs and your business, and use that information to maximize sale price and/ or generate the best transaction value. You’ll work with experienced dealers, CFOs, CAs, CMAs, MBAs – all sales-oriented professionals who can take care of your needs without compromise. Our combination of skills and backgrounds is unique; merging experienced dealers with professional accountants offers a streamlined process that gets great results fast.

One-stop Shop

One-stop shop.

Our unique full-service capability is what sets us apart. We help you through every part of the transaction, from the first conversation to closing. Even when the deal is done and the Letter of Intent has been signed, we’re there to deal with any issues that might arise before the deal closes. Given our expertise, our clients often ask us to get involved in the content of the final agreement, and we’re happy to be copied on legal correspondence and liaise with lawyers to help complete the transaction.

A passion for great service.

When a client entrusts us with something as important as their business, we really do appreciate it, and we get things done quickly and discreetly while maximizing the value of our clients’ assets. We treat every transaction with the same care and respect as an actual owner would – it’s who we are, and how we do business, every time.